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ASX 50

EUR/USD - Monthly

updated on 01-NOV-2019

The EUR/USD is still trading within its downtrend channel in place since the 2008 highs and getting closer to its 1.05 support.

EUR/USD - Weekly

updated on 09-NOV-2019

After more than 2 years in a trading range, the EUR/USD broke out and reached its Fibonacci extension target. The price then broke down back into the aforementioned trading range. This breakout/break-down created a head and shoulder pattern with a derived price target near 1.05, which coincides with the 2015-2017 trading range support area. As long as the price stays beneath the 1.15 level, the EUR/USD is in a downtrend.

USD/CAD - Monthly

updated on 09-NOV-2019

The pair is currently trading in a range between $1.3065 and $1.3375 with its next resistance at $1.3685. 
The RSI is in a neutral while the MACD is slightly bearish. 

USD/CAD - Weekly

updated on 09-NOV--2019

After being in an uptrend channel (green) for 16 months, the trend reversed, since end-December 2018, to a slow downtrend channel (yellow). Nothing majorly interesting in this pair at the moment.

updated on 01-NOV-2019

GBP/USD - Monthly


The cable did a sharp rebound from its 1.20 support level. The price is now facing some resistance at 1.3115 and 1.34.

updated on 01-NOV-2019

USD/JPY - Monthly


Patience is key while the price oscillates within its descending triangle.
Support 104.50 followed by 101.25

Resistance 110.50 followed by 114.75

AUD/USD - Monthly

updated on 01-NOV-2019

The price is still within its downtrend channel but reclaimed its broke down support area around 0.6825. The MACD, though bearish is converging and could make a bullish cross. 

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