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Charts Interpretation - Hong Kong

Just a quick note on some stock names listed in Hong Kong, as it'll be interesting to see how they act in the next few days from their current support/resistance level which should give us a hint on the overall trend.

Let's start with those currently testing support:

Tingyi (322)

Swire (19)

Bank of China (3988)

Link Reit (823)

ICBC (1398)

...then those testing resistance:

HK & China Gas (3)

China Resources Power (836)

...and finally those retesting their breakout level:

Hang Seng Bank (11)

Sands China (1928)

Can the various support hold, resistance be broken-out and we head higher; or, support breaks, resistance holds and we head lower?

...or do we simply stay within a range?

These coming days should provide some answers, especially with Tencent (700) reporting soon...

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