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  • Jay

Timing is everything?

Here's a weekly chart of $ATI with a solid support zone that is currently turning into resistance.

The last candle representing this week's trading is not outright bearish. The price is also in a zone between the up trendline and down trendline. This doesn't give us much conviction either way (long or short).


So what could?

First, the 200MA which is sloping down and which the price was not able to break for long in the past (i.e. acting as resistance, although not impeccably).

How about the Fibonacci time sequence ? Look at the chart below... 2011 top, to 2014 top.. gives... the 2017 top ? Maybe, maybe not.. we will only know at a later stage.. but could definitely "time" a change in trend if not an outright reversal...

$ATI with Fibonacci Time

Next week will definitely be interesting to follow $ATI.

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